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GDYSC 7/8 A: Schedule for remainder of season
by posted 10/04/2019


The schedule has been released for the 2nd half of the season.  Our game this Saturday is at 4pm against Oakmont at Cow Pond.

Here is the schedule for the last four games:

Week 5
6228 10/05/2019 4:00pm   Groton-Dunstable B78 A     Oakmont B78 A      MapQuest  Groton Dunstable Cow Pond 1
Week 6
6232 10/19/2019 4:00pm   Townsend-Ashby B78 A     Groton-Dunstable B78 A      MapQuest  Townsend-Ashby Squannacook Meadows Field 1
Week 7
6234 10/26/2019 4:00pm   Nashoba B78 A     Groton-Dunstable B78 A      MapQuest  Nashoba High School-Lower Soccer
6237 Rescheduling   Groton-Dunstable B78 A     Lunenburg B78 A      MapQuest  Groton Dunstable Cow Pond 1

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GDYSC 7/8 A: videos for tonight's practice
by posted 09/19/2019

Here are some videos about drills we will be doing during tonight's practice.  The first one is a 1v1 defense/dribbling drill: 

1v1 Defending ~ Learn Basic & Advanced Techniques! + Online Soccer Academy - YouTube

My main goal with this drill is to teach the boys how to defend 1v1 situations without lunging for the ball.  If they watch the video before practice, I want them to pay particular attention to "jockeying", which is a concept that most of them have trouble with.  Obviously this  drill will have an attacker dribbling with the ball as well, so they will be working on their dribbling skills as well.  

This second video is a passing drill.  The last team we played was almost entirely made up of 2005 players.  You could see the result of this on the field with their physical size and speed.  In a situation like that, most of the boys aren't going to easily dribble past the players, even though they tried, over and over.  Only a quick passing game will work to break them down.  

Numbers Passing Drill - YouTube

This last video is a passing drill that works up to the players doing quick give and go passes.  Where the first drill teaches quick thinking and good 1 touch passing, this drill builds into making them move off the ball.  

Triangle Passing Soccer Drills from Ian Barker! - YouTube

This last video is for playing defense against fast players.  Much of the time, good defense is about being able to predict what the other team will do.  While I will give tips like this during practices, I know most of the time it doesn't sink in.  This is getting more advanced, but there are some great tips that will help: 

How to Defend against Fast Attackers - Online Soccer Academy - YouTube


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GDYSC 7/8 A: Soccer Vollyball Tournament
by posted 09/03/2019


I have found that it is very difficult to get the boys to practice juggling the soccer ball, even though this may be one of, if not the most valuable individual practice method for their age.  To force the issue this season, I'm going to run a 1v1 soccer vollyball tournament throughout the season.  It will be double elimination, and the tournament bracket can be found here:


I will show the boys the rules this week and for those that can't make it, I'll post a short video later this week.  I'll give them time at each practice to play one game, and plan on having a few minutes before our home games to play when they aren't able to arrange their game during the week.  

To wet their appetite for soccer vollyball, here is a video of FC Bayern players having some fun:


Here is a basic tutorial: 

(Update) Later on in the video he covers more advanced work, including juggling against the wall.  This starts around the 7 minute mark: 

For those that think they are too good for the basics  here is a video on the around the world:

The bottom line is that if they can't juggle the ball at least 50 times without it hitting the ground, they need a lot of practice.  The last practice of the year we may have a contest to see who can juggle with the most touches on the ball without dropping it.  Lets see how much effort they put into the tournament first.


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