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Saturday 10/1 game
by posted 09/30/2022

Good evening team,

We have our home game tomorrow at 10:30am against Clinton B34B team.  They are a very similarly skilled team so we should have a great game!

For those that can, we will see you at 10:10am on CowPond 3B.  

Go Dragons!

Coach Amber and Coach Michael

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confirmed game today 9/24
by posted 09/24/2022

Good morning team,

We are confirmed to play today at Harvard.  See you soon!

Coach Amber

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9/24 gave vs Harvard
by posted 09/23/2022

Hi Team,

It looks like we should be ON for the game as scheduled tomorrow morning at the Harvard Waite B field.  They will send me a confirmation note early tomorrow morning but lets plan on being there for 10:10am.  Bring a sweatshirt with your usual gear.

Here we go Dragons!

Coach Amber

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9/24 game versus Harvard
by posted 09/23/2022

Good afternoon team,

Tomorrow we are scheduled to play the Harvard Hurricanes at the Harvard Waite B field (https://nvysl.org/as_league/fields/view/88).  This is the same field as our first game.

Unfortunately, I just got an email from their coach that their field is having a water drainage issue and it is still unclear if we will be able to use the field tomorrow.  I am not sure when the will give us the official word but will let you know as soon as I do.

In preparation for the potential cancellation, I would like to get a feel for any potential reschedule times that could work.  Please email me back if a Sunday morning game (likely next week) or Monday evening game at say 5 or 5:30 work work or not work for anyone.

I let them know we need a definitive answer by 8:30am tomorrow morning so I can get the message out to the team.

Coach Amber

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by posted 09/19/2022

Hello team,

I have been tracking the storm reports and it looks like we have a pretty good risk of lightening sometime betwee 6-7tonight.  So, we will not have practice tonight (Monday) but will regroup for tomorrow at 6pm.  

Coach Amber

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