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Registration for the Fall 2020 Soccer Season is now OPEN

Registration for the modified Groton-Dunstable Youth Soccer Club fall 2020 soccer season is now open and will close on Tuesday, September 29th. Play for the fall season will be limited to in-town, small cohort training sessions for teams of no more than 10 players in Grades 3 to Grade 8.  We will not have play this fall for PreK/K players or players in Grades 1/2 due to safety concerns and the ability to enforce compliance with Massachusetts safety guidelines.  In addition, there will be no play available for players in Grades 9/12.  Finally, the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League has cancelled the fall season, so there will be no inter-town play this fall.  Our goal for this fall’s program is to have players on the field for soccer activities in as safe an environment as possible. For details about how Mass Youth Soccer has instructed clubs to do this, please see their extensive guidelines at https://www.mayouthsoccer.org/return-to-soccer-activities/


Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding this season, we will need a minimum of 100 registered players in Grades 3-8 and a minimum of 2 volunteer coaches per 10 person team by October 3rd to conduct this program.  Our expectation is that one coach per team will lead the skills based training and the second coach will monitor and enforce compliance with all safety protocols on the field of play.  If we are unable to reach these minimums in terms of player or volunteer coach registration, we will cancel the season and refund all registration fees by October 30th. If in the spring you elected to defer your payment to this season, please register as normal but do not checkout. Please contact David Pitkin with your request and your balance will be forwarded.


Our plan for the season is to conduct three separate sessions on Saturday mornings at Larter Field beginning on October 17th and ending on November 14th.  We are planning to run the sessions at the following times each week:


  1. 9:00-10:15 - Grade 3 and Grade 4 players

  2. 11:00-12:15 - Grade 5 and Grade 6 players

  3. 1:15-2:30 - Grade 7 and Grade 8 players


Play will consist largely of skill-based training and small-sided, properly spaced, non-contact games in those sessions.  Players will need to comply with all Massachusetts Youth Soccer safety guidelines including wearing a mask at all times, maintaining 6 foot social distance from other players and sanitizing their hands both when they enter and exit the field of play.  All players will have to bring their own ball to each training session.  Each player will also be given a two-sided pinnie that they will need to bring with them every week.  Coaches will not be providing any equipment to players.    


We will be running all training sessions at Larter Field rather than Cow Pond this fall because the fields at Cow Pond are currently unplayable due to the drought we have experienced this summer and the malfunctioning of the well at that field complex.  The Groton Parks and Recreation Department is currently working on resolving well and other field maintenance issues at that complex so that the fields can be properly repaired in preparation for future seasons.  


We also are requiring that all families with children in the program sign and submit to the GDYSC COVID Compliance Officer a Player Compliance Waiver prior to the first session on October 17th certifying that their children will not participate in any of the weekly sessions if they experience any COVID related symptoms within 48 hours of their next scheduled training session.  Parents of all players will also be asked to certify that prior to any session, the following are true: 


  1. Their children have not been in close contact with anyone who has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days 

  2. Their children have not had contact with anyone who has had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  3. Their children are not restricted from participating in the proposed soccer program by a healthcare provider

  4. Their children have not traveled in the past 14 days to or from any states restricted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts travel order

  5. Their children have not recently traveled to a restricted area that is under a level 2, 3 or 4 travel advisory according to the U.S. State Department.


Failure to complete this waiver and submit it to the GDYSC COVID Compliance Officer prior to the first week of soccer programming will result in that player being denied participation in the program.


Fees for the fall season will be $50.  All fees must be paid in full by October 3rd or your child will not be placed on a team.


Finally, there will be no uniform requirements for the fall season.  Players are just required to wear soccer cleats, soccer shin guards and also bring with them their own ball (Size 4 for Grade 3-6 players; Size 5 for Grade 7-8 players) and their own water bottle.  They also will need to bring their own COVID protective mask to each session and wear it at all times.  Gators are not allowed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of the GDYSC board members below.  We will be offering a Zoom session for the families of all registered players on Wednesday, October 7th from 7-8PM to explain more about the season prior to the first sessions on October 17th and answer any additional questions.  Thank you.


GDYSC Board Members


GDYSC Board Members

Fall 2020- Spring 2021

Email Address

Chris Davey



David Pitkin



Jim Gmeiner



Charles Lippman



Brad Pierantozzi

NVYSL Representative


Peter Kokoloski

Referee Trainer


Bob Thompson

Director of Coaching


Eric Spada

Field Scheduler


Jim Herberich



Becky Greco



Jeff Ohringer

Field Maintenance 


Mairead Orpen

PreK/K Coordinator


Karen Drowne

Boys Grade 1/2 Coordinator


Michelle McNally

Girls Grade 1/2 Coordinator


Sten Peeters

Boys Grade  3/4 Coordinator


Heather Mazzaccaro

Girls Grade 3/4 Coordinator


Gareth Ouellette

Boys Grade 5/6 Coordinator


Miles Salyer

Girls Grade 5/6 Coordinator


Marc Fosberry

Girls Grade 5/6 Coordinator


Brad Pierantozzi

Boys Grade 7/8 Coordinator


Miles Salyer

Girls Grade 7/8 Coordinator


Chris Davey

HS Coordinator




Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Activities COVID19 Guidelines

The following guidelines were recently issued by the Mass Youth Soccer Association based on the Massachusetts Phase 2 guidelines for youth sports participation.  

MASSACHUSETTS YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION Member Checklist For Organization Leadership June 6, 2020 Reopening Massachusetts Return to Soccer Activities mayouthsoccer.org/return-to-soccer-activities/ June 6, 2020

The following document is a simple checklist to use as you prepare to return to soccer activities in Phase 2 of Reopening Massachusetts. All Mass Youth Soccer member organizations must follow the association’s guidelines. In addition, each organization may adopt additional protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect the health and safety of all members, employees, volunteers, and participants. Plus, it is very important that local city, town or municipality policies be understood and followed. A similar checklist for coaches is included in the Return to Soccer Activities section of our website. This checklist should be used by all coaches as they prepare to return and while they conduct soccer activities.


Page 2: Requirements Prior to Commencing Soccer Activities

Page 3: Requirements While Conducting Soccer Activities

Page 4: Requirements After Conducting Soccer Activities

MASSACHUSETTS YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION mayouthsoccer.org/return-to-soccer-activities/ June 6, 2020

Requirements Prior to Commencing Soccer Activities

□ Make the Mass Youth Soccer Return to Soccer Activities COVID-19 Guidelines available to all members. This can be accomplished by: □ Emailing □ Prominently posting on Website □ Pointing to the most recent version on the Mass Youth Soccer Website / MA Safe Soccer section.

□ Appoint your organization’s official COVID-19 Safety Officer who will communicate policies organization wide, to coaching staff, administrators, parents, and players. This should be one individual who may assign certain duties to others.

□ Assign duties to Risk Manager or other specifically designated person.

□ Each team should be assigned a COVID-19 manager who should be on hand at each practice.

□ Communicate policies and guidelines to coaching staff, administrators, parents, and players.

□ Confirm all registered adults have read and understand the guidelines as it pertains to their role in the organization.

□ Make sure all coaches who will be conducting practices and training sessions are fully registered, affiliated, and compliance approved. Your organization’s Risk Manager or Registrar should have this information.

□ Confirm your organization has permission to use the fields (facility, complex, park, school, etc.) prior to scheduling any practices

□ Work with all coaches to identify their team’s COVID-19 Coordinator to oversee compliance at the team level (can be a team parent who must register as an Adult with Mass Youth Soccer). • For those organizations that use public fields:

□ Confirm your coaches and other active adults are properly trained and equipped on the use of sanitization products and techniques. • For those organizations who use private fields/facilities

□ Confirm facility owner has developed, trained, and implemented increased daily sanitization protocols for common surfaces, restrooms, and equipment.

□ Make hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, soap and water, or similar disinfectant readily available throughout the facility. MASSACHUSETTS YOUTH SOCCER ASSOCIATION mayouthsoccer.org/return-to-soccer-activities/ June 6, 2020


Requirements While Conducting Soccer Activities

□ Team COVID-19 Coordinator will communicate with the coach to ensure all required policies and procedures are in place during the training session.

□ Designated player equipment area is set up next to the playing area you are assigned to. The area should be away from the sideline and the spectator area.

□ Adhere to guidelines regarding proper use of face coverings and masks.

□ Sessions should be planned using physical distancing session plans. No contact is allowed. No scrimmages to be allowed during practice sessions.

□ The Coach is the only person who can touch any cones or equipment. Coaches should not handle a player’s soccer ball with their hands at any time.

□ Throughout practice, during breaks for water, encourage proper hygiene as provided in the guidelines.

□ The Coach shall take proper attendance for each session, recording on paper, or electronically.

□ Do not allow players to share team snacks, water, equipment, or clothing.


by posted 07/05/2020

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