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Registration Refunds

GDYSC has implemented the following refund policy. If you are going to request a refund please be aware that:

  • Any refund request received after March 15th (Spring Season) or August 15th (Fall Season) will not be honored.
  • Refund requests prior to those dates in their respective seasons will be subject to a $15 processing fee. This fee represents the sum of the non-refundable fees that we have to pay to MYSA, NVYSL and PayPal for every player.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • Cutoffs, jams, and visible boxer shorts are not allowed. Sweats, spandex, etc., are only allowed if weather or medical conditions dictate their use.
  • NO JEWELRY - This includes earrings. They may NOT be covered by Band-Aids. Earrings must be removed in order to play so please plan accordingly. You may tape over holes after earrings have been removed if necessary. Medical bracelets are the only exception to this rule and must be taped over.
  • Hard casts or splints on arms, legs, wrists, or fingers are not allowed. Knee or elbow braces must be covered by protective padding.
  • Each player MUST wear shin guards or he/she will not be allowed to play. Additionally, the shin guards must be covered by socks or sweat pants (if the weather dictates- see above).

Parental Responsibilities

  • Your coaches put in extra time to provide valuable training to your children. It is NOT their responsibility to care for your child before or after practice. If you choose to drop off your child for practice and/or a game, please be sure to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the end of the practice to pick up your child.
  • Emergency Procedures - There are no emergency facilities available at any of our fields. You are the best person to care for your children in the event of an emergency. Please keep this in mind when choosing to drop off your child for practices and/or games.
  • Please keep children off of goals and nets. Goals that are not being used are often attractive climbing toys for small children. The nets are easily torn and expensive to replace and since the goals are movable, they are very easily tipped over which can result in injury. By not allowing your children to hang on and climb in the goals and nets you can help ensure that our goals and nets stay in great condition and last many seasons.
  • Please watch small children during practices and games. Siblings of players can be easily injured when unsupervised at the fields. Children should remain with their parent(s) at the sidelines and be kept from entering the field of play. It is not the responsibility of club volunteers, coaches, referees or other parents to watch out for other children. Your cooperation will help ensure that we keep all of the kids as safe as possible and that everyone can enjoy the games.

Team Placement

  • Fall placement on a team does not guarantee spring placement on the same team. There are many factors in creating teams including number of players signed up in an age group (affects team size), players placed in an incorrect bracket for their ability (either too high or too low), new players to town and players that play only either the fall or spring season. Spring is a new season and, as such, requires adjustments to the teams. Please respect that the club does it's best to place players appropriately.

Treatment of fields

Please be aware of the time and care that it takes to maintain the soccer fields that we use. We have some very beautiful fields thanks to the very hard work of a few. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping our fields in the best condition possible. You can help by respecting our rules on field use:

  • Trash cans are placed throughout the fields. Please use them. Plastic water/Sports Drink/Soda bottles are dangerous to children and wildlife, and make it difficult for field maintenance. Make sure all of your trash finds its way to the trash cans.
  • No dogs at the fields. Dogs not only damage the grass but more importantly can be dangerous to small children. The most lovable pet may not be so lovable when confronted by another dog. For the safety and enjoyment of all of our players and spectators please refrain from bringing your pets to the fields.

Important Guidelines for Exemplary Spectator Behavior

The following points will be strongly enforced by all coaches. Please do not be offended if you are reminded of these guidelines:

On Game Day:

  • Please sit at least 3 feet from the sidelines. This allows room for proper play and throw ins. By keeping a distance from the sidelines it is also easier to keep small children from entering the field.
  • Cheer on your child and the team, but DO NOT COACH THEM. A Player learns best by making his/her own playing decisions. Telling him/her when or how to move, pass, shoot or dribble, etc., is not appropriate and it does not help them to play better. Coaches spend time teaching skills and strategy during practice sessions and then let the players play on Game Day with occasional calm instructions from the sidelines and pointers at the bench during breaks.
  • Good play by either team is reason to applaud. Sportsmanship means not only being a gracious winner, but also a graceful loser.
  • Always support the Referee, even when you disagree with the call. Never speak to or about a referee except to alert he/she of an injury on the field. The Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League (NVYSL) enforces a "ZERO TOLERANCE" policy towards spectator or coach dissent or abuse and it is the responsibility of the coach to control game spectators.