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Example Practice Plans

Practice plans and dynamic practivce activities are available for the different age groups in the MYSA Coach's Corner

Mass Youth Soccer Curriculum Summary

This is an excerpt from the Mass Youth Soccer website that presents the skills and tactics that we should be teaching our players. Each age group's skills and tactics include those of the previous age group(s).

Age Group Skill Priorities Tactical Priorities
U6 Dribble with all sides of both feet
Dribble out of trouble
Dribble past someone
Soft first touch
U8 Shielding
Introduce proper shooting technique
Introduce passing
U10 Passing with inside and outside of both feet
Shooting with both feet—using laces
Receiving the ball with all parts of body
Basic Attacking Ideas
Basic Defending Ideas
Comprehend 1 vs 1 concepts
Comprehend 2 vs 1 concepts
Introduction to 2 vs 2 concepts
Comprehend roles of 1st and 2nd defenders
Comprehend roles of 1st and 2nd attackers
U12 Speed Dribbling in Traffic
Ability to chip the ball
Accurately play long passes
Offensive/Defensive Heading
Power/Accuracy Shooting
Basic Support Positions
Receiving the Ball Away from Pressure
Combination Play
How and when to switch the point of attack
Pressure vs Containing
Proper 2 vs 2 roles
Introduction to all roles in 3 vs 3