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Regular registration for Pre-K/K and Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6, Grade 7/8, and High School players and volunteers (coaches) for the Spring 2020 soccer season is now open until March 28, 2020.
Regular Registration
Player registrations should be paid in full at the time of registration using a credit card.  Registered players in Pre-K/K, Grade 1/2, Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6 and Grade 7/8 that are not paid in full by March 15th will not be placed on a roster until their outstanding balance is settled.  For parents needing financial assistance, please contact the GDYSC Registrar, David Pitkin to request a full or partial waiver of the player registration fees.  For parents who wish to pay by check, please contact both the GDYSC treasurer, Charlie Lippman  and the GDYSC Registrar, David Pitkin to arrange for payment.

Late Registration
Registrations received after March 15th for Grade 3/4, Grade 5/6 and Grade 7/8 players will be charged a $25 late fee.  There are no late fees for PreK/K, Grade 1/2 and Grade 9-12 players.

Refund Policy
Any refund request received after April 1st for the spring season will not be honored unless the player has a valid medical reason for withdrawal or is a HS player that has been selected for one of the HS teams and can no longer play recreational soccer.  Refund requests prior to those dates in their respective seasons will be subject to a $20 processing fee.  This fee represents the sum of the non-refundable fees that we may have to pay Mass Youth Soccer and the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League.

Eligibility Fall 2019/Spring 2020 is based on school grade, with an upper limit on age:
Group Eligible
School Grades
Born on or After
Pre-K/K Pre-K, K 1/1/2013
Grade 1/2 1, 2 1/1/2011
Grade 3/4 3, 4 1/1/2009
Grade 5/6 5, 6 1/1/2007
Grade 7/8 7, 8 1/1/2005
Grade 9/10 9, 10 1/1/2003
Grade 11/12 11, 12 1/1/2001

There are separate registration programs for the season: Pre-K/K & Grade 1/2; Grades 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8; Grades 9/12. Please select the correct program for each player you wish to register. With the switch to Grade-based age groups, we now require that Grade be correctly entered for each player. When registering, when you add a player or select the player by clicking on the green Register button next to their name, you will be taken to the personal info page where you must enter and/or verify date of birth and school grade:
Registration Age Data
Note For Pre-K, enter -1 or -2 for the School Grade, and for Kindergarten, enter 0.  Make sure it is for the 2019-2020 school year  If birthday or grade are entered incorrectly, please contact the to make the change.
Uniform Information

If your child is in need of a uniform for this season, it must be pre-ordered and paid for by credit card on the online uniform ordering site at www.gdysc.org look for Shop on the home page. Order by August 15th for fall or March 15th for spring to guarantee delivery by the start of the season. All purchased uniforms can either be shipped to your home or picked up at Greco Graphics in Chelmsford.

Greco Graphics can be reached at 978-663-9122. If you would prefer that your uniform be delivered to your house, please select this option when you make your purchase. There will be an additional shipping charge of $10 to have the uniforms delivered to your house. If you have any questions, you can reach Becky Greco at greco@gdysc.org.

If your child will be playing Pre-K/K or Grade 1/2, a reversible maroon/white GDYSC jersey is the only uniform requirement. If your child will be playing on a Grade 3/4 or older team and does not have a uniform or needs a larger size uniform, you will have to purchase the current jersey, black shorts and black socks.