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GDYSC Board Members Role Email Address
David Pitkin President & Secretary president@gdysc.org
Open Vice President vp@gdysc.org
Sten Peeters Registrar registrar@gdysc.org
Kim Bohlin Healy Clerk and Secretary kbhealy@gdysc.org
Nate Dowd Risk Manager ndowd@gdysc.org
Charles Lippman Treasurer treasurer@gdysc.org
David Pitkin NVYSL Representative dpitkin@gdysc.org
Gerard Stelzer Referee Director referee.director@gdysc.org
Michelle McNally Genesis Referee Coordinator soccermcnally@gmail.com
Miles Salyer Field Scheduler milessalyer@gmail.com
Jeff Ohringer Field Maintenance gdsoccer@verizon.net
Mandy Munroe PreK/K Coordinator mandym@gdysc.org
Jennifer Cacciola Boys Grade 1/2 Coordinator jcacciola@gdysc.org
Mairead Orpen Girls Grade 1/2 Coordinator maireadorpen@gdysc.org
Marijan Andacic Boys Grade 3/4 Coordinator mandacic@gdysc.org
Mike Castorano Girls Grade 3/4 Coordinator castorano11@gmail.com
Sten Peeters Boys Grade 5/6 Coordinator sten@gdysc.org
Heather Mazzaccaro Girls Grade 5/6 Coordinator hmazz@gdysc.org
Chris Duane Boys Grade 7/8 Coordinator cduane@gdysc.org
Miles Salyer Girls Grade 7/8 Coordinator milessalyer@gmail.com
Open Boys Grade 9/12 Coordinator  
Miles Salyer Girls Grade 9/12 Coordinator milessalyer@gmail.com

Expectations of our Board of Directors

  • Provide our players and coaches with opportunities to develop their skills
  • Appropriately place each team in a division by level of talent
  • Provide and develop top-quality coaching for all players
  • Provide opportunities for all players to develop to the highest level of play through proper training and placements
  • Remember that we are a club for all abilities and cannot always provide the best opportunities for the highest level of play
  • Remember that the success of the club is not measured by winning or losing

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Board Members
Our current Board members are listed on the home page with contact information. Please feel free to reach out to the person in charge of the function about which you have questions or comments.


Our mailing address is:
Groton Dunstable Youth Soccer
PO Box 438
Groton, MA 01450

or Use the feedback form