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MYSA Coaching Courses Available

The courses most applicable to our coaches are the G (4hr), F (8hr), and E (16 hr). G is the first one. If you have taken the G, then F is next, and so on. Please make the time to take the applicable course for you. They provide a lot of invaluable information to help you run a very satisfying practice. Our goal is for all first year coaches have a G license, all second year coaches an F, and all fourth year coaches an E.

G course: Peter Twomey Youth Center, Monday Aug 21st from 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM
All GDYSC coaches should take at least the G course, and the cost is covered by GDYSC for our coaches (it's Free!) . You can also take the G course on-line at the MYSA web site.

Sign up for courses outside Groton/Dunstable, or find another that better suits your schedule, at the MYSA web site.  Once registered for a course please to let him know which one and where.  After completing your course, contact Tom again for reimbursement. 

· None for the G
· The G is a prerequisite for the F
· The F, and 6 months time, are a prerequisite for the E
· If you have done the E, please and I'll try to talk you into taking the D

You do not have to have been a soccer player to take these courses. They are coaching courses, not playing courses. But you can play at them if you want to. These courses are excellent, we can not recommend them highly enough.