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GDYSC Training Committee Ten Tips for Coaches

  1. As soon as you get your approved roster, make 20 copies and put them in your coaching bag.
  2. Use email for your communications with your team. It's not a bad idea to remind the team of each practice & game. Be sure to tell the team that you'll use email to communicate with the team.
  3. Study your roster and try to memorize the names best you can. Then at first practice when everyone introduces themself the names will stick in your head that much faster.
  4. At every practice be sure to greet every player with their name, as they arrive and when they leave. And if you're really on top of things you'll remember a little something they did well and tell them they did a good job with whatever it was.
  5. Always be 5 to 10min early to practice. Lay the cones & discs out as you'll need them for the various activities you'll be doing in your session so you minimize how much fussing with cones you have to do during the session. This keeps the practice moving along, which minimizes the time the players have to get distracted.
  6. Call them players (as opposed to girls or boys). It's just that bit more professional.
  7. Have a plan for every practice. Progress from simple to complex. Never try to do more than 4 activities in a 1 hour practice. Don't worry about this or that fancy drill or game (if it takes more than 10 seconds to explain, it's too complicated). I write down my plan for every practice so I don't forget things or coaching points.
  8. No Lines, No Laps, No Lectures. Small sided games, keep away, and such are best. If practice isn't going well, nobody is listening, you didn't get enough sleep the night before, just scrimmage.
  9. Don't leave practice until the last of your players is picked up.
  10. For snack shack, garbage pickup, and snacks: Just assign the dates, and ask the parents to switch with eachother as necessary if they can not make a date.