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Planning for the Spring 2021 Soccer Season is Underway

Hi everyone:

Planning for the spring 2021 soccer season is underway.  Registration is now open and the season will begin on Saturday, April 24th.  All of the member clubs within the Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League have shared their intent to play this spring, so we will be processing registrations, assembling teams and sharing that information with the NVYSL by late March.

If your child needs a uniform, you can place an order by selecting "Shop" on the top bar above. PreK/K and Grade 1/2 players only need a reversible white/maroon jersey. Grade 3/4 and older players need the maroon jersey top, the black shorts and the black socks. Please get your orders in ASAP because we have a limited supply for this spring.

Other things to note.  First, our Grade 3-4, Grade 5-6, Grade 7-8 and Grade 9-12 teams will play in the NVYSL this spring.  That means that these teams will play a normal travel schedule against teams from other towns like they have in the past.  Second, we will be offering play for PreK/K and Grade 1-2 players, but it will be in-town play only like it has been in the past.  Third, there likely will be an end of season Massachusetts Tournament of Champions in Lancaster for the league champions from the seven different leagues across the state.  It has not been decided if we will have an NVYSL championship tournament for the different age groups like we have in previous seasons, but instead a winner of each age group will likely be determined based on team performance in regular season play.  Finally, we will be following all safety protocols mandated by the state and local health officials as we did in the fall.

Playing Times
Age Group Saturday Times Home Game Location
Pre-Kindergarten / Kindergarten noon Cow Pond
Grade 1 / 2 Girls 8:30am Cow Pond
Grade 1 / 2 Boys 10:00am Cow Pond
Grade 3 / 4 Girls 9:00am Larter
Grade 3 / 4 Boys 10:30am Larter
Grade 5 / 6 Girls noon Larter
Grade 5 / 6 Boys 1:30pm Larter
Grade 7 / 8 Girls 3:00pm Larter
Grade 7 / 8 Boys 5:00pm Larter
High School (Sundays) 1pm, 3pm, 5pm Larter


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the board members listed below.  Thanks.


GDYSC Board 

GDYSC Board Members Role Email Address
David Pitkin President president@gdysc.org
Brad Pierantozzi Vice President vp@gdysc.org
Sten Peeters Registrar registrar@gdysc.org
Jim Gmeiner Secretary secretary@gdysc.org
Charles Lippman Treasurer treasurer@gdysc.org
David Pitkin NVYSL Representative dpitkin@gdysc.org
Gerard Stelzer Referee Director referee.director@gdysc.org
Eric Spada Field Scheduler ejspada@gmail.com
Jeff Ohringer Field Maintenance gdsoccer@verizon.net
Mairead Orpen PreK/K Coordinator maireadorpen@gdysc.org

Michelle McNally

Bethany Bonczar

Boys Grade 1/2 Coordinator



Michelle McNally Girls Grade 1/2 Coordinator soccermcnally@gmail.com
Sten Peeters Boys Grade 3/4 Coordinator coachstenpeeters@gmail.com
Heather Mazzaccaro Girls Grade 3/4 Coordinator hmazz@gdysc.org
Brad Pierantozzi Boys Grade 5/6 Coordinator bradp@gdysc.org
Miles Salyer Girls Grade 5/6 Coordinator milessalyer@gmail.com
Gareth Ouellette Boys Grade 7/8 Coordinator gco13@yahoo.com
Miles Salyer Girls Grade 7/8 Coordinator milessalyer@gmail.com
Chris Davey Boys Grade 9/12 Coordinator cdavey@gdysc.org
Miles Salyer Girls Grade 9/12 Coordinator milessalyer@gmail.com




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